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Caddie Volume Four – Golf & Design

The striking red sands of Kalgoorlie, a remote mining town in the Australian outback, wrap around Caddie Magazine Volume Four like the crust of perfectly baked loaf of bread. As well as a reminder of our adventures across the Nullarbor Plain and the World’s longest golf course, the minimalist cover offers a hint at what’s inside – a bold, redesigned layout presenting the Caddie mix of striking photography and compelling stories from around the world.

Between the pages in Volume Four, there’s a nod to the importance of design in every aspect of the experience of travelling and playing golf, from the clothes we wear, to the courses we play on, the clubs we use, the balls we hit, the scorecards we write on, and even the magazines we read. Each and every aspect of the game has its own community at work – experimenting, tweaking and inventing new ways to enjoy golf.

Adventure is also big part of Volume Four, with a journey across Australia’s rugged and remote Nullarbor Plain in search of the Worlds Longest Golf course resulting in some stunning imagery from our editorial team Dave Carswell and Will Watt. There’s also jaw dropping photography from Bulgaria as seen through the lens of the talented Jacob Sjöman, a look at Greg Ramsay’s Ratho Farm in the Tasmanian countryside, a description and rendering of famous template holes by the talented Mike Cocking, a golf trend report from New York entrepreneur Meagan Ouderkirk, and Paul Verhoven returns with memories of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. Matthew Mollica is also back to discuss to the design evolution of the golf ball, and whether it might have gone too far (spoiler – definitely).

We also interview one the of the hottest names in golf course architecture, Gil Hanse, about Streamsong Black, the latest offering at the Florida golf mega resort. Built on former mining land, Streamong’s three courses (Red, Blue and Black) are all world-class offerings and utterly unique – we play, photograph and review them all.

Caddie Magazine Volume Four will sit proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf for years to come. We’ve assembled Caddie with this in mind – there’s no clutter, no part-page ads, no newsy articles. As always, we save our best stuff for print – everything inside Volume Four has never been seen before. Anywhere. 100% original content straight to your door. It’s the unexpected, authentic stories from around the game that we bring to each edition of Caddie that gets us fired up.

We can’t wait to show you.

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It’s that walk down the first fairway

Just us vs. the golf course, vs. the elements, vs. ourselves

Exploring a new place: its contours and views, its wildlife and deceptions

The chance to chat with friends, away from the distractions and pressures

The courtesies, encouragements, & laughter at struggles with a game so hard to master, yet so fun to try

The release of a perfectly hit drive; that rare shot where it all just comes together

The long putt that snakes its way to the hole and then disappears

A cold drink in the shade overlooking the 18th

That’s where you’ll find Caddie Magazine.