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A fresh voice for golf

Caddie Magazine is a new independent publication that captures the rare and authentic stories surrounding the world of golf. We know that golf isn’t just about swinging sticks. It’s about the people, a sense of connectedness and invigoration, the feeling of place, a test of character, of leaving it all behind: of escapism and the journey.


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It’s that walk down the first fairway

Just us vs. the golf course, vs. the elements, vs. ourselves

Exploring a new place: its contours and views, its wildlife and deceptions

The chance to chat with friends, away from the distractions and pressures

The courtesies, encouragements, & laughter at struggles with a game so hard to master, yet so fun to try

The release of a perfectly hit drive; that rare shot where it all just comes together

The long putt that snakes its way to the hole and then disappears

A cold drink in the shade overlooking the 18th

That’s where you’ll find Caddie Magazine.