Volume Nine has been delayed

As with everyone, the Caddie team has been impacted by the pandemic. Being based in Melbourne, Australia, has proved to be a blessing and a curse. A blessing, in that we are now in a position where we have achieved local suppression of the virus, and the coming summer looks likely to be much closer to normal than seemed possible just a few months ago. But to get here, Victorians have made massive sacrifices, enduring one of the world’s longest hard lockdowns (over 100 days under stay-at-home orders), and having our movement restricted so completely that producing a golf and travel magazine became simply impossible for a time.

Whilst our fantastic contributors have stepped up to help fill the void in many cases, each edition still relies on our core team to be able to produce a significant portion of the stories. After months of planning, cancelling and rescheduling on repeat, we have finally been able to hit the road and get back to what we do best – discovering the very best golf and travel and reporting back in a beautiful printed form.

The result of these unavoidable delays to production has been to push back our print dates by around 10-12 weeks. We now expect Volume Nine to ship at the start of February, hitting mailboxes and shelves in March. We’ll then have a shorter turnaround for Volume Ten, returning to our regular schedule of June/Nov print dates. We’re sorry to be missing the holiday season, but our commitment to quality and authenticity makes this the only option.

In the meantime, we hope you and your family are keeping well and getting through this difficult time as best you can. Your ongoing support is never taken for granted and we’re working hard to make sure the next edition of Caddie brings some much needed relief from the news cycle and inspires dreams of future adventures.

William Watt
Caddie Editor-in-chief