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Introducing Caddie Magazine Volume Six – The Future of Golf (Sold Out)

Featuring cover artwork by Bill Hornstein

Spend any time around the golf industry and you’ll be bombarded with the axiom ‘grow the game’. In response to golf becoming an increasingly niche sport, the accepted response seems to be that we should simply get more people to play it. Everyone has their own take on how to ‘grow the game’, but to us at least, most of these solutions seem too focused on the target – of getting more people to play – rather than looking at the actual experience and nature of the game. To push golf onto people who have deliberately tuned out from the game is ineffective and a waste of time, funding and energy. It’s just not going to stick.

But what if this is all just a problem of semantics? You see, ‘to grow’ really means to evolve. To change. Not just get bigger.

Framed by our feature interview with Australian sports inclusion pioneer Chyloe Kurdas, Volume Six looks at how golf needs to embrace change by removing fear and inviting in those for whom golf has become largely irrelevant. We hear from Michael Chadwick about the experience of playing 18-holes for the very first time, luckily for him at a long lost Tom Doak original, and the mix of excitement and anticipation that golf, at its best, can bring us. Kiwi Reece Witters combines with David Baysden to look at the connection between golf, fishing and surfing in the enjoyable Birdies, Barrels & Brownies. Large format photographer David Chao discovers the charming game of Ground Golf in Japan, where elderly residents keep active and social through a delightfully simplified version of the game. Writer Michael Croley dives deep on water use in golf and how courses must respond to a changing climate. Accompanying this piece, Bill Hornstein’s fire-ravaged golf ball portraits serve as a stark reminder of the importance of this discussion (and provide a striking image for our cover).

All this, plus, as always, we bring you the very best in golf travel. We visit South Australia’s famed Royal Adelaide, Links Lady Bay and the wine experiences in-between. Photographer Chris Fry shares some of his favourite shots from the tiny tax haven, and the home of business men who wear shorts, Bermuda. And our feature destination is, at long last, King Island.

Sitting just off the northern coast of Tasmania, King Island is home to 3000 residents, about 10 times as many cattle, and two world class golf courses. Across 56 luscious pages we cover every corner of this unique, charming island, from Cape Wickham lighthouse to the aptly named Surprise Bay, and every cheese stop in between. We interview Andrew Purchase, the man who discovered, and bought on a hunch, the incredible land that Cape Wickham now sits, along with course co-designer Mike Devries.

Volume Six brings 134 pages of full-colour, spacious, luscious, crafted, golf. It lifts any room you place it in – the cover is literally a work of art – and is the ideal travelling companion. Give your eyes a rest from endless screen time and indulge in the beauty of the printed page; hear the snap of the cover; smell the ink as you thumb through the luscious paper pages – if you can’t tell, we’re pretty passionate about print; it’s the only way to read.

Caddie Magazine Volume Six will sit proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf for years to come. We’ve assembled Caddie with this in mind – there’s no clutter, no part-page ads, no newsy articles.

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Caddie Magazine Volume Six features 134 full colour 120gsm matte finish pages, contrasted with a stunning high gloss feature section, with compelling content from around the world.

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